Including protective antioxidant coatings of composites, anticorrosive and functional coatings on metals and alloys, nanostructure films with corrosion inhibitors, bioactivation of metallic alloys for prosthesis, mesostructure coatings with applications in photo- catalyst and solar cells, inorganic and hybrid membranes for PEMFC, DAFC and AMEFC, electrodes and electrolytes for M- ion batteries and M-air batteries (Li, Na) and transparent nano‐glass‐ceramics for photonic materials.

Inorganic and hybrid membranes for PEMFC, DAFC and AMEFC

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) is the main candidate to power electric vehicles. Modification of Nafion type membranes and development of new inorganic and hybrid organic/inorganic nanostructured membranes through a combination of inorganic [...]