Corrosion is a key problem affecting all type of metals in their wide range of applications. Different solutions have been designed and developed for protecting diverse metals, from stainless steels to carbon steels and light alloys of aluminium and magnesium. Inorganic and hybrid sol-gel coatings act as barriers against corrosion; when corrosion inhibitors are included, a high performance is obtained increasing the possibilities of using low price and low-density alloys. In particular, Mg alloys appear as good alternatives for biodegradable implants. However, the high corrosion rate, H2 release and the increment of local pH of Mg limit their usage. To control these aspects, a suitable process is the surface modification by deposition of silica sol-gel coatings. Currently, multi-integrated corrosion systems are being studied that combine surface anodization of light alloys (Al and Mg), infiltration of inhibitors solutions and protecting hybrid top coats or melting gel coatings.

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