Energy saving is an essential goal of energy intensive industrial processes, including glass melting processes. There is a strong interaction and collaboration with glass producers to enhance the efficiency of melting processes by different routes. We analyze the effect of light composition changes to diminish the melting temperatures, maintaining or enhancing the glass properties. On the other hand, alternative or enhanced designs of glass furnaces are studied especially related to combustion systems, fining, temperature controls, emissions, etc. Collaboration is established through contracted research and CDTI projects. Food safety of glass containers is other key issue for developing the use of safe and green containers. Chemical analysis and legislation accomplishment of EU rules are developed in close contact with Spanish glass containers association ANFEVI.


  • A.Durán, M.J.Pascual, Study of the migration of elements from glass containers to packaged food according to glass and food contact regulations and European food contact regulations. Internal report. To be published