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Alicia Durán, Research Professor of CSIC, is the new president of the International Commission on Glass (ICG)

The Council of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) has elected Alicia Durán as new president of the ICG for the period 2018-2021 in its meeting of 25th September in Yokohama.

Anticorrosive and functional coatings on metals and alloys

Corrosion is a key problem affecting all type of metals in their wide range of applications. Different solutions have been designed and developed for protecting diverse metals, from stainless steels to carbon steels and light alloys of aluminium and [...]

Sealing glasses and glass-ceramics for ceramic and metallic components

The group has a wide experience in sealing glasses and glass-ceramics for ceramic and metallic components of very different nature and in applications that go from room temperature use to very high temperatures and extreme atmospheres.One major challenges for the [...]

Mesoporous and mesostructure coatings for photocatalytic applications. Coatings with new functionalities

The design and development of new mesoporous and meso-structured materials showing a periodic distribution of pores of uniform size has become one of the most dynamic fields for the preparation of photocatalytic and/or biocides coatings. The porosity structure is [...]

Sol–gel transparent Oxyfluoride nano‐glass‐ceramics (OxGCs): a suitable alternative for photonic materials

Transparent glass-ceramics (GCs) own interesting optical properties for several photonic applications. The melt-quenching (MQ) method is routinely used to prepare OxGCs but the high melting temperatures (1400-1700°C) greatly affect the fluoride content. Thus, the sol-gel (SG) route appears as [...]

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